Recycling Locations in Dane County

Type of Materials To Recycle
Concrete, rock, brick, stone, porcelain (toilets, tile, sinks)
(No gasoline, paint thinners, solvents or any other materials)
Antifreeze Oil Filters
Appliances Pallets
Asphalt and Concrete Paper
Barrels and Drums Plastic (Foam)
Batteries - Automotive Plastic (Rigid)
Batteries - Rechargeable Plastic Bags
Cardboard Rendering
Carpet Salvage
Carpet Padding Shingles
Cars Solvents
Cell phones Styrofoam
Clothing and Cloth Scraps
(needs to be clean, dry, not moldy or oily; call for hours)
Styrofoam Peanuts
Drywall Thermostat
Fluorescent and Incandescent Lamps and Bulbs
(The charge for recycling a 4 foot fluorescent lamp ranges from 30ยข to $2. Prices subject to change.)
Glass TV, Computer and Electronics Reuse/Recycling
Metal Vinyl Siding
Mixed Construction Loads Wood

Public Recycling Drop-off Centers

In contrast to recycling firms that may pay for material and, in some cases, provide collection services, dropoff centers do not pay for material and all material must be delivered to the facility.

The municipal dropoff centers are generally open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while the dropoff centers at businesses are generally open only during regular business hours. Where a telephone number is provided, it is best to call ahead to make sure that the facility is still accepting the materials listed and to find out the hours and any special conditions. Finally, note that while the information in this fact sheet was obtained from the locations listed, existing dropoff centers may close and new centers may open. Changes can be reported to the Dane County Department of Public Works at 267-8815.

In addition to the dropoff centers listed here, some local communities also operate dropoff centers for yard waste, paper or containers.

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