County Highway M - Planned

Project: CTH M
Starting Intersection: CTH Q
Ending Intersection: STH 113

CTH M LocationMap
CTH M DesignSchedule (updated 04/18/19)

10/30/18 Public Meeting #1 Exhibits and Information:
Public Meeting #1 Notice                        Meeting Comment Form                                      
Meeting Presentation               Public Comments-Summary
Meeting Handout Public Comments-Exhibits

04/30/19 Public Meeting #2 Exhibits and Information:
Public Meeting #2 Notice                        Exhibit:  Typical Section 2-Lane
Meeting Handout Exhibit:  Typical Section 4-Lane                          
Crash Diagram-Corridor Exhibit:  CTH K Intersection Alternative 1A
Crash Diagram-Intersections Exhibit:  CTH K Intersection Alternative 1B
Exhibit:  2-Lane Option (View 1) Exhibit:  CTH K Intersection Alternative 2A
Exhibit:  2-Lane Option (View 2) Exhibit:  CTH K Intersection Alternative 2B
Exhibit:  4-Lane Option (View 1) Exhibit:  CTH K Intersection Alternative 3A
Exhibit:  4-Lane Option (View 2) Exhibit:  CTH K Intersection Alternative 3B
Exhibit:  4-Lane Option (View 3) Public Comments-Summary
Public information meetings were held on 10/30/18 and 04/30/19.  Exhibits and other information from both meetings are attached above.

Project Information

CTH M (CTH Q to STH 113), Preliminary Design, Dane County

Dane County has contracted with KL Engineering to initiate the environmental and design phases for improvements proposed to CTH M from CTH Q to STH 113 in Dane County. The existing roadway is highly congested, especially during weekday commuter travel times.  Residential and commercial development is planned along and near the corridor, traffic volumes are expected to increase along with congestion and potential safety issues.

KL Engineering will be investigating a range of options for improving the safety and capacity of CTH M, which may include a 4-lane expansion alternative.  Bike lanes, shared-use facilities and transit routes are being considered throughout the length of this project.  Improvements to several intersections and new bridges or expansions to existing structures is also anticipated. The City of Middleton, Village of Waunakee and Town of Westport are also providing input in the project design.

Project development is currently underway. Public Involvement Meetings are expected in the Fall of 2018 and the Spring and Summer of 2019.  Final design will begin after this phase of the project is completed. Construction has yet not been scheduled.

A design schedule and project location map, along with Frequently Asked Questions, are attached.

If you have any specific questions regarding this project, contact one of the following:

Gerry Schmitt, Consultant Project Manager

KL Engineering, Inc.

5400 King James Way, Suite 200

Madison, WI 53719

Phone: (608) 663-1218



Pam Dunphy, Deputy Commissioner

Dane County Highway and Transportation Dept.

2302 Fish Hatchery Road

Madison, WI 53713

Phone: (608) 266-4036




Information updated on 05/02/19

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